Hướng dẫn tải game the elder scrolls v: skyrim mới nhất 2021 – What Is FAKE TANKING In ESO? Is It Toxic? Is There a Solution? | The Elder Scrolls Online

Hướng dẫn tải game the elder scrolls v: skyrim mới nhất 2021

Bài viết tải game the elder scrolls v: skyrim – What Is FAKE TANKING In ESO? Is It Toxic? Is There a Solution? | The Elder Scrolls Online 2021 thuộc chủ đề về Tải Game Online đang được rất nhiều bạn quan tâm nhất hiện nay !! Hôm nay, hãy cùng ladigi.vn tìm hiểu tải game the elder scrolls v: skyrim trong bài viết hôm nay nhé !

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    Video What Is FAKE TANKING In ESO? Is It Toxic? Is There a Solution? | The Elder Scrolls Online

    What Is FAKE TANKING In ESO? Is It Toxic? Is There a Solution? | The Elder Scrolls Online – Nguồn Youtube

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    What Is FAKE TANKING In ESO? Is It Toxic? Is There a Solution? | The Elder Scrolls Online Hello everyone, NefasQS here today with more Elders Scrolls Online …

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    Bài viết tải game the elder scrolls v: skyrim – What Is FAKE TANKING In ESO? Is It Toxic? Is There a Solution? | The Elder Scrolls Online 2021 được mình và team tổng hợp từ nhiều nguồn. Nếu thấy bài viết What Is FAKE TANKING In ESO? Is It Toxic? Is There a Solution? | The Elder Scrolls Online giúp ích cho bạn thì hãy ủng hộ team Like hoặc Share nhé!

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    tải game the elder scrolls v: skyrim - What Is FAKE TANKING In ESO? Is It Toxic? Is There a Solution? | The Elder Scrolls Online

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    Nguồn: What Is FAKE TANKING In ESO? Is It Toxic? Is There a Solution? | The Elder Scrolls Online

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      50 thoughts on “Hướng dẫn tải game the elder scrolls v: skyrim mới nhất 2021 – What Is FAKE TANKING In ESO? Is It Toxic? Is There a Solution? | The Elder Scrolls Online

      1. OldManShinji says:

        Big problem is fake dps, baby lvls or pvp specs, that queue for dlc vet dungeons. So cringe when you as a tank make 30+-% team dmg.

      2. MJR Boaner says:

        More Toxic are the scrubs that can't cut it in Veteran dungeons, than que for normal and run ahead of the group and kill the bosses while group deals with adds. Dungeon rushers

      3. EgoTrip says:

        Double queue is a great idea!

        Fake tanking is acceptable, but it depends on what kind of content you do. For normal dungeons, we're chillin.
        But when we're doing vet content and I need to avoid adds, boss, do mechanics while simultaneously do damage then we have a problem. Cherry on top is when fake tank that does 5k dps starts complaining about how the boss is not dying in like 10 seconds.
        My first instinct is to find this mf, drag him out of his cosy little room and hold under water until bubbles become less frequent.

      4. MarineCARMINE says:

        Every single fake tank I've had gets destroyed and has no taunts. They need to make tanking more fun, in swtor I can tank and still do good enough damage to feel like I'm helping kill the boss.

      5. Raijin-ryu X24 says:

        Queue times for a DD on console can take up to 2 hours sometimes. But there is not just fake tanking there are fake healers too.

        I personally hate when players pug as the wrong role. Playing with your guild mates or friends, do whatever. But if you’re going to pug, be the role you’re built for. Even on normal dungeons. I think it teaches newer players that it’s OK to do this and when they get to vet content they’ll already be accustomed to this bad habit and then will complain and rage about why they got kicked from the vet dungeon.

      6. Raijin-ryu X24 says:

        Perhaps not offer 10 transmutes for a random normal but for dlc vet only. This would eliminate a lot of players from queuing as the wrong role. Or maybe the queue system could scan a player loadout to determine if they are in fact built to tank or heal.

      7. Enoc says:

        I don't normally queue with PUGS, but the few times I have and i had "fake tanks" in the group i usually kick them or leave the group. Everytime these fake tanks seem to be shitty DPS that can only kill one mob at a time. My issue is this, IF i had a tank with CC and chains/leash that can group things buff and debuff we could get through the content quicker. So if you queue as a tank focus on that don't force your decisions on to others, in my groups you'll get kicked.

      8. James Carter says:

        I got called fake tank the other day in a vet Ruins of Mazzatune. I was doing my job appropriately but forgot the mechanics of the last boss and we died twice until I figured it out despite his cynicism. I was on a Stam DK Over 30K health, maxed armor with the sword and board Pierce Armor, Low Slash multiple enemies morph, Circle of Protection, Lingering Flare, And Defensive Stance. My sets were Meridia Blessed armor and Shalks Exoskeleton and Blood spawn. My build is all about ultimate to shield my team with Flame armor or Barrier. Maybe I didn't have enough health because all my points are in Stamina, but suck my balls because even as a tank doing Vet DLC dungeons with randoms I still pull off 15000 DPS with my dots and am flexible.

      9. hotmayonnaise says:

        if you can solo the dungeon you should be able to tank it lol even if youre not a "tank". its almost impossible to die in a random normal anyway. the only thing more boring than doing random normals in this game, is waiting in queue for said random normal. i'd rather have a "fake" tank than a new player who does 10k dps.

      10. Gardash says:

        Group content must be harder. In MMO. What I see in ESO??? Some dungeons in ESO can be finished solo. Even on veteran version. That is WRONG! This is a group content! Group content must be a harder!!!
        But all talking about a fake tanking…
        Fake tanking = broken mechanics of the game.

      11. Joshua Bushey says:

        Got randomly kicked in normal dungeon as tank for having a 1 bar of tanking skills + a spammable, and a bow with dots/aoe backbar, all stam. I tanked all bosses fine, blocked all heavies, and killed things easily while people lagged behind. And got kicked for it. Knowing I had enough go to block heavies in normal as long as I didn't miss block. Yet somehow I did get kicked for doing well~

      12. matthew Colquhoun says:

        talking about the way the system is set up is kinda not the point, you have people faking a role to skip ahead of other dds who are waiting in the queue, so yeah its toxic the least u can do if slot a taunt or a heal in normals, at the very least if u queue tank/heal the game should check for and then lock in a taunt/heal(group heal ofc). I have like 13 toons and thats not even maxed so if u really dont have a couple of them that can play support then thats on you enjoy the queue time

      13. silver1surfer69 says:

        Thx for the vid. It brought me to the idea that i will slot a taunt next time and do real tanking. Im a pvp player and tanky anyway and i do pve only if i have too but from time to time i need to farm stuff and thx to this vid it will be faster and easier next time.

      14. Vylen Kenree says:

        fake tanking in random normals? for what lol, u dont even need a tank in random normals… ive been seeing people crying about this a whole lot, but i fail to see the actual need of a tank in a random NORMAL.. there's literally no reason to do a normal with any comp other than 4 deeps.

      15. Sweet says:

        This argument of “😢b-but muh newer playahz gotta start somewhere broh!” Is pathetic, because I was a teenage noob once too, who became a hardcore WoW raider at 14 BY BEATING THE CHALLENGE! Not getting the difficulty scaled down for me… ESO Now is scaled to KINDERGARTEN DIFFICULTY! And now there IS NO GOOD PROGRESSION FROM NORMAL TO VETERAN – BECAUSE YOU CAN’T LEARN TACTICS ON A F@*£ING FACEROLL BOSS FIGHT, THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO EVEN CONSIDER TACTICS OR EVEN GROUP ROLES TO GET THE KILL!!!!! 🤦🏼‍♂️ Just DPS Zerg. It’s as bad as Cyrodiil PvP.

      16. Ramen Numerals says:

        I just want someone with a taunt so I'm not the first one to get 1 shot lol. Did fang lair for the first time in 8 months on my dps and the tank lost agro a few times, each time I died. Skill has nothing to do with this as it is so varied. I think they should make it where you can only sign on as a tank if you have a shield/taunt and for healers, restos.Thus would eliminate fake tanking for the most part. Final thing would to be disabling that if your already in a 4 stack group so you can still run through with your buddies

      17. Chad Courtney says:

        Great points. I group with guildies all the time for random normal dungeons, and often while we rotate through our toons, we'll quickly get to a point where we don't have any more tanks to rotate through, but we all also have CP160+ (and typically CP1000+) toons that we can burn through pretty much any random normal w/o the need of a dedicated healer or tank. Now when we go vet hard mode pledges, we grab a dedicated tank, healer and 2 DPS. And sometimes we've got two or three really good DPS, and we may fake tank in that case, even with getting someone that underperforms, we can carry the third.

      18. vicente reyes says:

        It would be cool if the que knew the armor and skills you have in place and rank your build, in the form of tank/dps/healer, and then have that under the option your choosing so others automatically know what your build will be like.

      19. Peter Chappell says:

        (in normal dungeons) I have absolutely zero issue with a fake tank as long as they equip a taunt and use it for boss fights. If i queue as a healer or DPS, I did so with the expectation that I would NOT be tanking.
        (in veteran dungeons) Just don't do it. Just don't.

        Remedy: Vote kick them without fail when you see the healer having to tank.

        The toxicity comes from those who queue as a fake tank and refuse to do anything remotely tank-like during boss fights and then try to act like it's your fault when you call them out on their complete and utter bullshit behavior.

      20. FullOfLethons says:

        I feel that since people are already avoiding long queue times by fake tanking, they'll also hop onto whichever queue is perceived faster if we added two queue types — spoiling the experience of anyone who is actually there for that queue type by wanting the other kind of run. If they could be polite about it, they wouldn't be fake tanking in a way that's obvious. (IMO I don't care about fake tanks as long as they slot a taunt and don't die too much, I can handle trash on random normals so don't need any frills from my tanks.)

        I wish I could figure out a way to make tanking for randoms more appealing; I find tanking for randoms excruciating on a whole extra level from healing or DPS, whether they're rushing ahead and pulling and dying, or doing less damage than I am on my non-fake tank. I've solved this problem by only ever tanking for friends and guildies, which is great for me but doesn't help the "too many fake tanks" problem.

        Or since there's already achievements that track soaking, dealing, and healing damage, maybe there could be a "role check" where if you behave according to your role, fairly modestly to encourage newbies, you get extra goodies. That way a tank could get extra goodies for soaking damage, a healer for healing a certain amount, and a DPS for dealing a certain amount of damage. It'd certainly encourage real tanking if you got extra crystals for taunting each boss and blocking it at least once or twice.

      21. Alisha Dimambro says:

        As a person who primaries as a Tank – lemme tell you, we are few and far between. The tanking mechs itself are VASTLY different between Trials, Dungeons and PVP. What may work in one setting, won't work in others. PVP Tanks, for example focus heavily on armor and health, where as Trial Tanks are running support gear and worry very little about their own stats (we have min/max armor and health, but it's no where near what a PVP Tank will run). There aren't a lot of people running true Dungeon Tanking sets because they aren't as needed. Trial Tanks can subsitute for Dungeon Tanks. But the majority of Normal Dungeons can be completed with little to no difficulty with 4 man DPS (so long as the people running have the sustain and knowledge). There are VERY few dungeons that actually require a Tank.

      22. GheekGoddess says:

        I’ve recently returned back to ESO after 2 years. I just happened upon your video and damn does this explain so much! Not gonna lie, a few player definitely got a "fucking heal/take aggro bruh" from me in the chat. Buuuuuuut you do make a point. I always said that system needed to change. 2 years ago I mained healer and tank because the queue for dps took awhile (playing on console) but now I find myself getting queued faster being a dps than support. I get why is happening but I’m very indifferent about how this makes me feel. I’m trying to play thru the new content so I’m not familiar with the new dungeons added in the last couple of years. Not having a proper tank or healer is just fucking annoying and now I think I might have to substitute certain abilities just to be able to survive. On the other hand, the queue is straight trash and the player had to find a way to work around a poor system. Hopefully this changes in the future.

      23. the lost shoes says:

        I used to love running with randoms but it's just not possible anymore. tanks that don't taunt, healers that don't heal, dds with 30k health. and everybody just kinda plays solo.

        "don't tell me what to wear"
        "i don't have a rotation"
        "I normally run this solo. not sure why I'm dying on normal. must be your fault"

        I just….. I don't expect a lot, but playing your role to the best of your abilities is kinda part of the whole team play idea.

      24. day dazed says:

        I fake tank dungeons I can solo nothing else but some people are just dumb asf and screw the group those people suck

      25. water tonic says:

        Been tanking for many years.
        I dont entirely think its a fake-tank issue.
        I believe it's a transmute issue.
        People wouldn't be skipping queues and speed running the dungeons if there was another reliable way of obtaining transmutes in PvE.
        I think that the only way to positively fix this issue is by making Vet Dungeons and Vet DLCs award more transmutes than the random normal daily.
        I would argue 80% of the people doing the RND are people farming transmutes on multiple Alts.
        Fix the amount of transmutes you can obtain and also the methods of obtaining them.

      26. Amy Kitchens says:

        I tried to do a tank build, but most of the dungeon groups I joined didn't respect my role and just did whatever they wanted, leaving me taunting a boss for absolutely no reason. Kind of frustrating so I abandoned that character for my other DPS builds. I prefer solo play anyway, but I thought it would be fun to run with some groups as a tank. Nope.

      27. Samantha says:

        I have 5 tanks that I run daily normals on as often as I can. The hardest part of tanking a normal dungeon is the lower DPS in the group, which is fine – especially when the characters are new. I throw on Dark Convergence and spam walls most of the dungeon and bring in 40% of the damage even on a full-blown tank. Then I throw Dark Convergence, Inner Fire and a S&B on my damage characters and can tank all normal content perfectly fine + contribute a ton of damage.

        Where I personally think fake tanking gets toxic is when they do these huge pulls with no agro/CC and then bitch when they die cause the (probably new) healer and DPS couldn't keep up.

        I don't quite agree that the queue should be split, but I am hopeful that people will use the new Armory station to perhaps spec an appropriate tank set up for their damage characters so they can quickly throw it on for random normals. On PC we have our addons, but I still plan to use Armory for this purpose.

      28. Anbu Kakashi says:

        Wise man once said that there are people in this world who are never happy if they don't got something to b**ch about. ESO Community as a whole is home to such people. Cheers 😉

      29. Skinman says:

        Normal is joke.. if you want to rp in dung make your own team. I'd much rather 4 dd than the old way.. 1 immortal idiot tank running thru dung not taunting not healing not doing dps.. killing everyone and calling people idiots for dying to swarming hordes of untaunted mobs.. nty.. 4 dds is better for everyone! Only realistic solution to this problem would be give 2x bonus for queuing with friends or guild members.. problem solved.. then it's your fault if you don't enjoy your runs..

      30. Neal Robinson says:

        Splitting the que is going to generate longer ques for the least popular play style and will just end up with the same result we have now.

      31. kentoku D says:

        Before I even watch this, one of the best solutions to fake tanks is to stop preparing them for end-game trials and rather prepare them for 4-man pugs. Only first priority is to stay alive and never drop taunt. You don't need to run powerful assault or keep up stagger. Run sets that personally enable you to do this such as whitestrakes retribution, fortified brass, leeching plate, etc. Second priority is to help keep the group alive with damage shields or heals or something similar. Focus on these until you actually know what you're doing and learn to watch all three of your resource bars and never let any of them get too low. Even run a selfish set to help with resource sustain. Get advice and watch videos; tanking is completely different from other roles if you do it right. Try not to spam abillities before expired except taunt. I would reapply taunt when 5 secs left on debuff timer or you have a free action. Do this stuff and dps put up with LEARNING tanks, and the pugs will get better, and more people with less talent can successfully tank. Trust me, this will be more healthy for player base than nuke it or die, and more completions of content will result.

      32. BattlePro3 says:

        Ill be honest, I used to fake tank. The qeue times for DPS are insane. But one day, it happened to me, I qeued as a DPS like I was and I had a fake tank. In a difficult DLC dungeon. I dont remember which one. It was very difficult for me as I was only like cp 200 at the time and because we had a fake tank for some reason a lot of aggro went to me despite not having any taunts. So I kept dying. We as a group just gave up after 90 minutes.

        The days that followed I made a legit tank and a legit healer. Spend a lot of resources on both and now I only qeue as a tank on my tank. One of the best accomplishments I have on my tank is Veteran Scalecaller Peak. I understand that some of you are probably like reeeeee easy. But to this day, that is one of the best achievements I got on my tank and I am damned proud of it. Mainly because I rarely do Vet dlc dungeons since vsp I only did like 5 more vet dlc dungeons. vsp was like 2 years ago.

      33. BK22 ESO says:

        also everyone is complaining about fake tanks but when i queue as proper tank everyone seems to queue as fake dps all the time /s

      34. Andrew Epstein says:

        Instead of having T, H, D, D like we have today, have a set of 4 drop downs with roles in the Dungeon Finder screen. Choose the roles that you want in your group. Want a 4 DD group? Great. Change the dropdowns to those roles (radio buttons would be easier, but they don't exist in the eso interface). For anyone in your party already, the options would be greyed out and pre-filled, so you'd only be able to change the dropdown for the "missing" party member(s).

        So let's say you have 3 people in your party who are self-assigned DD roles, and you're looking for a tank. You'd change the "open slot" dropdown to tank. Then, when you queue, you'd only match with a tank who was ALSO looking for T, D, D, D setup, because that's how they set their dropdowns on their end.

        That way, no one is surprised at who shows up, no one has to fake tank. Folks could get the kind of party they want because they selected it. Newer players would have some assurance that they're going to have a legit healer and tank in their party, and more ambitious players can throw caution to the wind, and no one wonders who'd going to get in party with them.

        Does not solve the "5k DPS" problem, but that's a tragedy for another day.

      35. Neofolis says:

        Having this option for me would be useful either way, because almost every time I queue, I end up in a group that races through the dungeons so fast, I have no way to learn the dungeon or the boss mechanics. I can see there being an issue with inexperienced players joining the experienced queue, because they want to get the dungeons done faster with less chance of a wipe. To be honest I don't see why roles can't automatically be set by character stats/skills, then rather than having an experienced/inexperienced option, you could have a roles/no roles option, which I appreciate could boil down to the same thing.

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